333 Columbia Rd, Hanover

(781) 826-2600

"...I have seen my (preschooler's) confidence in writing and fine motor skills blossom..." -A.B.

"I feel like my daughter has had private tutors who are seriously invested in her progress.  We are always kept informed of how she is doing as work is sent home with comments....I would highly recommend ESC to any parent who's looking for early education for their child." -Susan E.

"...(the teachers) have a way of making the learning process such fun that my (kindergarten age) daughter would count down in anticipation of her next "Enrichment Day" -Anna Baker

ESC is "a great place for learning. Teachers are so kind and caring..." -Ann Luukko

"the teachers love of the children and their job shines through from the minute you step through the door" -Cecil Hodges-Falcone

"the instructional quality is unparalleled by other enrichment programs" -Darcy Lamond

"they are the best introduction to school two teachers could offer" -C.H.

"My daughter so looks forward to school, and so do we, as this is a program like no other."     Susan Elsden